Homicide Investigation 06/2018 - FULL. Waiting list only.

08:00 am - 06/04/2018

@ Southern Police Institute (SPI)

2303 S 3rd St
Louisville KY  40208

80 Hour Training Course / 8.0 CEUs / KLEC Approved
$1195.00 If paid by cash/check / $1240.00 If paid by Visa/MC/Discover

Course Description:
Since 1955, the Southern Police Institute has provided law enforcement officers worldwide with quality homicide investigative training. SPI’s HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION course provides participants with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to conduct competent and complete homicide/death investigations.

Carefully selected case studies are used throughout the program to explore every aspect of homicide/death investigations, including autoerotic fatalities, and suicides. An expert in a specific field of specialization leads each program segment. Court certified, these experts provide the participant valuable exposure to years of field experience and a variety of investigative techniques. The course is an intensive eighty-hour program delivered over 10 days. Each participant is granted the opportunity to individually interact with the instructors and review cases, including their own cold cases and active investigations. Cases will be examined through discussion, questions, and answers as well as an evaluation of evidence by participants and instructors. The learning environment and assignments, including practical and scenario-based exercises, is highly interactive with frequent group discussions in order to draw on the experience and expertise of the participants themselves as well as from the experience the instructors being to the classroom. At the completion of the program participants have the ability to differentiate between accidental, suicidal, and homicidal death.

Course Topics and Areas of Study:
Scene Response & Protocol
Scene Analysis with Student Case Study
Law Enforcement Tools & Technology
Case Management & Small Group Case Work
Suicide Investigation
Court Preparation & Testimony
Criminal Profiling Techniques for Homicide Detectives: Introduction
Application of Methodology Utilized When Analyzing Violent Crimes
Criminal Investigative Analysis Program
Equivocal Death Evaluations
Cold Case Analysis - Forensic Linguistic Examination
Cold Case Analysis - Missing Persons Case
Statement Analysis
Crime Scene Reconstruction - Sexual Homicide
Legal Issues in Homicide Investigations and Prosecution of Homicide Cases
Forensic Evidence and Crime Scene Collection
Trace & Biological Evidence
Identification of Blood - Small Group Practical
DNA Evidence
Bloodstain Pattern: Analysis, Recognition & Classification, Mechanics in the Crime Scene, and Documentation
Clandestine Graves
Introduction to Forensic Pathology
Blunt and Sharp Force Injuries
Deaths Associated With Fire and Electricity
Deaths From Asphyxia
Injury and Death Associated With Gunshot Wounds
Death in Childhood: SIDS/SUID/SUDI
Death in Childhood - Common Causes of Accidental and Homicidal Death in Children

Who Should Attend:
Enrollment is limited to law enforcement officers, (uniform or detective), investigators, supervisors, and other authorized officials who are responsible for investigating homicides (crime scene technicians, medical examine/coroner investigators, military investigators, criminal analysts, or prosecutors).

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